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Marjoe Gortner - the name's an amalgam of Mary and Joseph - began his career as a revivalist preacher at the age of four, broke off in his teens, but returned to the Church some years later, both eyes open and on the make. This documentary reveals that Marjoe really wants to belong to the Deity of Showbiz Rock; each night he preaches the word of the Lord to blue-rinsed motherly matrons who shudder in ecstasy and reach for their purses because he moves so sexily in the name of the Lord. Marjoe talks frankly, even cynically, to the camera about his profession: the gimmicks, the money, the qualms, the hypocrisy involved. Only gradually do we realise that he is manipulating us and the film-makers just as readily as he used his congregations. Marjoe wants to be famous and a star (he did get started, but never really made it). What better way of advertising than in this documentary where he shows himself the Lord's hipster putting down the squares, rejecting preaching and declaring himself up for offer?

By: CPe


Release details

88 mins

Cast and crew

Howard Smith, Sarah Kernochan
Marjoe Gortner
Sister Allie Taylor
Mrs Ruby Boatwright
the Rev
Ray Boatwright
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