Markéta Lazarová

Film, Drama

Time Out says

An epic medieval meditation, filmed at some length from a purportedly unfilmable novel by Vladislav Vancura. Acting out the intrigue, suspicion and bloodlust of 13th century tribal rivalry, the plot, such as it is, is wilfully wayward and often close to impenetrable. As 'pure cinema', though, it's stark, daring and often astoundingly dynamic. Black and white 'Scope camerawork surveys a cruel, desolate landscape of plains, castles and forests populated by scavenging strays, strugglers, tyrants and wolf-men, while an eerily evocative sound design gives the picture a near hallucinatory quality. It's not so much a drama as an ancient litany - mystical and feral rather than spiritual or religious.

By: NB


Release details

162 mins

Cast and crew

Frantisek Vlácil
Frantisek Vlácil, Frantisek Pavlicek
Magda Vásáryová
Frantisek Velecky
Michal Kozuch
Zdenek Kryzanek
Pavla Polaskova
Zdenek Kutil
Josef Kemr
Nada Hejna
Jaroslav Moucka
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