Master of Love


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Carry On Decameron, with Pasolini's innocent doodlings sabotaged by a more leery, exploitative approach: nuns jump up and down in bathtubs, wearing just their wimples, and excruciating puns abound as the Master initiates his younger, more spiritual apprentice with the help of a number of tales. Tina Aumont makes a beguiling appearance as a witch in an otherwise silly episode, injecting more sense of fun into her role than the other ladies. The film does have its aspirations: stylistic references range as far afield as Tom Jones, and the church is lampooned rather heavy-handedly in a sketch about a 'miraculous' conception (the priest is behind a wooden screen doing his stuff). Another has the Master as a flagellating Christ in an amusing attempt to seduce a legendary virgin. The end sees the Master and Lady Death leaping through the fields, off for that Last Great Coupling in the sky.


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