Master of the World


Time Out says

A pleasantly ludicrous children's fantasy, with a talented production team making the most of a low budget (Richard Matheson, who was obviously having a holiday, adapted Jules Verne's Master of the World and Robur, the Conqueror). Vincent Price plays Robur, a mad inventor who has much the same anti-war hang ups as Captain Nemo, but who captains a giant flying machine rather than a submarine, and flies around the world trying to end war by the threat of mass destruction. Although the final message is pretty sickening, the film's imaginative use of stock shots and its garish line in 19th century hardware is admirable.

By: DP


Release details

104 mins

Cast and crew

William Witney
Richard Matheson
Vincent Price
Charles Bronson
Mary Webster
Henry Hull
Wally Campo
Richard Harrison
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