Me Myself I

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

This fanciful affair is Griffiths' first star vehicle, and although it's easy to understand why she opted for a light, mainstream(ish) domestic comedy, albeit one with an intriguing double role, she really is miles better than the material. Pamela (Griffiths), a lonely thirty-something journo, returns to an empty flat and wonders why she didn't marry college boyfriend Robert (Roberts). She gets her chance to discover what might have been after bumping into the Pamela (Griffiths two) who really did wed Robert. The latter then mysteriously disappears, leaving career girl Griffiths dumped in the middle of married life with children. The alternate reality schtick echoes Sliding Doors, but it's the weakest aspect of writer/director Karmel's first feature. Griffiths breezes through the proceedings, managing to keep the audience in tune with the rise and fall of her expectations, all the while presenting a facade which rather conveniently fools her new 'family'.

By: TJ


Release details

104 mins

Cast and crew

Pip Karmel
Pip Karmel
Rachel Griffiths
David Roberts
Sandy Winton
Yael Stone
Shaun Loseby
Trent Sullivan
Rebecca Frith
Felix Williamson
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