Me Without You


Time Out says

A girl's best friend is her girlfriend. Or is she? Marina and Holly grow up together in suburban London. Marina is bookish and a Jew, Holly is all face and a minx. They go through punk together, embrace the New Romantics in time for university in Brighton, and end up in bed with the same lecturer (MacLachlan), albeit at different times. Covering three decades - 1973 to the present day - with uncannily evocative and sometimes wincingly funny precision, Goldbacher's follow-up to The Governess has sophistication and intelligence - and an unrecognisable performance from Williams, American star of TV's Dawson's Creek - although it's ultimately too one-sided a declaration of independence.

By: TCh


Release details

108 mins

Cast and crew

Sandra Goldbacher
Sandra Goldbacher, Laurence Coriat
Anna Friel
Michelle Williams
Oliver Milburn
Trudie Styler
Marianne Denicourt
Steve John Shepherd
Allan Corduner
Nicky Henson
Kyle MacLachlan
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