Mean Machine


Time Out says

This remake of the ballsy Robert Aldrich/Burt Reynolds prison drama The Longest Yard (released in Britain as The Mean Machine) substitutes soccer for American football, but otherwise retains the basic set-up: a disgraced sports star is incarcerated and compelled to lead his fellow inmates in a match against the warders for the entertainment of the governor. The Aldrich yarn was a hell of a movie: amid the crunching violence the director of The Dirty Dozen and Kiss Me Deadly mounted a characteristically no holds barred assault on authoritarianism and petty fascism. The remake is a joke. Fortunately director Skolnick has cottoned on that he was on a hiding to nothing, and after the dire first half hour, he essentially plays it for laughs. Vinnie Jones turns in a very decent performance (easily his most confident to date) as former England skipper Danny Meeham, a national villain after throwing a game. His rehabilitation comes reluctantly, finding some pride as he coaches a bunch of no-hopers for the game of their lives. The supporting cast give it a go too.

By: TCh


Release details

99 mins

Cast and crew

Barry Skolnick
Charlie Fletcher, Chris Baker, Andrew Day
Vinnie Jones
David Kelly
David Hemmings
Ralph Brown
Vas Blackwood
Robbie Gee
Geoff Bell
John Forgeham
Sally Phillips
Jason Flemyng
Danny Dyer
Jason Statham
Jake Abraham
Omid Djalili
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