Medium Cool


Time Out says

Focusing on a news cameraman's responses and responsibilities to the world framed through his lens - in particular, the 1968 Chicago Democratic Convention and its attendant political riots, during which parts of the film were shot - ace liberal cinematographer Wexler's feature debut as director is a fascinating though not wholly successful fusion of cinéma-vérité and political radicalism. Already under the FBI's gaze for his civil rights and socialist documentaries, Wexler was actually accused of inciting the Chicago riots (the script was registered a year before); later he would again be subpoenaed over Emile de Antonio's film on the Weather Underground, which he shot. Recent movies owing a sizeable debt to Medium Cool include Newsfront and Circle of Deceit.

By: PT


Release details

111 mins

Cast and crew

Haskell Wexler
Haskell Wexler
Robert Forster
Verna Bloom
Peter Bonerz
Marianna Hill
Harold Blankenship
Sid McCoy
Christine Bergstrom
Peter Boyle
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