Meet the Feebles

Film, Drama

Time Out says

This deliberately gross movie uses mangy muppets to send up the backstage musical. As the cast of the 'Meet the Feebles' variety show lurch towards a live performance that may land them a syndicated TV series, we are party to the egomaniac excesses, tribulations and jealousies that beset corrupt producer Bletch the Walrus, star singer Heidi the Hippo, star-struck new boy Robert the Hedgehog, and a host of talentless performers and backstage johnnies. Tacky song-and-dance numbers punctuate the action, but despite the attention to set and puppet design, the penning of seven original songs, and Murray Milne's often inventive camerawork, the question remains: why bother to go to all this trouble in order to make a string of gags about vomiting, pissing, shitting, jissom pressure, bunnilingus, and knicker-sniffing anteaters? More generous observers might cite the parallel with bad taste guru John Waters; but compared to this shallow crap, even the Baltimore Bard's offerings run deep.

By: NF


Release details

97 mins

Cast and crew

Peter Jackson
Danny Mulheron, Frances Walsh, Stephen Sinclair, Peter Jackson
Danny Mulheron
Donna Akersten
Stuart Devenie
Mark Hadlow
Ross Jolly
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