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Yannis is a man in crisis. A emigrant returning after years away to his home on Corfu (no holiday island this - it's all de Chirico abandoned colonnades, rainswept piazzas and empty cafés) undergoes a profound testing of the limits of identity. He dictates numerous versions of his brief biography into a tape recorder, performs a vision of self reduced to essentials against almost mythic natural and urban landscapes. A brief affair with equally displaced music teacher Anna serves to magnify the problems (when he records their love-making, there is only silence). This vision of an ascetic personality plays out in a monochrome frame of bodies isolated in space, to a score of coded romanticism. Individuals walk, stand still, their faces tracked in thought. This is the poetry of provincial melancholy. But the ending, when it comes, is primal, cyclic and truly redemptive. An extraordinary meditation on the textures of isolation.

By: GE


Release details

93 mins

Cast and crew

Nikos Panayotopoulos
Nikos Panayotopoulos
Lefteris Voyatzis
Maria Xenoudaki
Kostas Kokakis
Aliki Georgouli
Eleonara Stathopoulou
Aleca Paizi
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