Memoirs of an Invisible Man

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Carpenter's sci-fi comedy is essentially a $40 million B movie, with remarkable special effects compensating for a thin storyline. A noir-ish opening, complete with voice-over and flashback, hints at a darker tone more in keeping with HF Saint's source novel. But once Chase has been rendered invisible, the plot consists of one endless chase scene, punctuated by inventive sight gags and the odd romantic interlude. After a freak accident at a research laboratory, Nick Halloway discovers that being invisible isn't the voyeur's dream he fantasised about as a child. Now 'the most exotic intelligence asset' available, he becomes the subject of a huge manhunt led by cynical CIA man Jenkins (Neill). Aided by anthropologist Alice (Hannah), he tries to evade his pursuers and find time to adjust to his invisibility. When played for laughs, this works well, while the action scenes generate an atmosphere of paranoia and menace; but failing to explore the pathos of Nick's predicament, the film becomes an inflated lightweight comedy whose shortcomings are all too visible.

By: NF


Release details

99 mins

Cast and crew

John Carpenter
Robert Collector, Dana Olsen, William Goldman
Chevy Chase
Daryl Hannah
Sam Neill
Michael McKean
Stephen Tobolowsky
Jim Norton
Pat Skipper
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