Memories Within Miss Aggie


Time Out says

Around 1974, US hardcore film-makers were getting over their first flush of triumph at simply putting the sex act on screen, and Damiano turns to psychological horror for this tale of a demented old woman reminiscing through a lifetime of romantic fantasy to a predictably macabre final revelation. In its hardcore form (running 78 minutes), the film's small momentum was generated by various sexual acts which served to disguise the sheer wretchedness of everything in between. This softcore version, from which the British censor removed nine minutes to eradicate any lingering traces, looks like some meandering American fringe theatre production in which everyone has swallowed too much Valium. Even the most diehard porno audience will be panting to get out of the cinema.

By: DP


Release details

69 mins

Cast and crew

Gerard Damiano
Ron Wertheim, Gerard Damiano
Deborah Ashira
Patrick L Farrelly
Harry Reems
Kim Pope
Mary Stuart
Darby Lloyd Rains
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