Mercedes Mon Amour


Time Out says

Bit of a broad comedy with Bayram (Salman) as the nerd Everyman, a Munich street cleaner, who achieves his dream of buying a yellow 350SE Mercedes to show off at home. It's a long drive (believe me!): scratches, scrapes, troubles with hippy vans, aggressive lorry drivers and thieving parking-lot attendants dog his every kilometre. Turkey seems like bad car trouble: there's more crashed vehicles here than in Godard's French weekend. The music is French-style too: ding-dong disco seemingly from one of their '60s commercials. The film has a moral ('thinking about No 1' German-style can leave you stranded), but it's more interested in the drive.


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Tunc Okan
Tunc Okan
Iylas Salman
Valeria Lemoine
Micky Sebastian
Alexander Gittinger