Mercedes Mon Amour


Time Out says

Bit of a broad comedy with Bayram (Salman) as the nerd Everyman, a Munich street cleaner, who achieves his dream of buying a yellow 350SE Mercedes to show off at home. It's a long drive (believe me!): scratches, scrapes, troubles with hippy vans, aggressive lorry drivers and thieving parking-lot attendants dog his every kilometre. Turkey seems like bad car trouble: there's more crashed vehicles here than in Godard's French weekend. The music is French-style too: ding-dong disco seemingly from one of their '60s commercials. The film has a moral ('thinking about No 1' German-style can leave you stranded), but it's more interested in the drive.

By: WH


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Tunc Okan
Tunc Okan
Iylas Salman
Valeria Lemoine
Micky Sebastian
Alexander Gittinger
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