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Time Out says

An adept turn from Murphy as San Francisco hostage negotiator Scott Roper knits together a functional assembly of stock cop-movie elements. This is probably the closest to a genuine dramatic part Murphy's ever played, and his snappy patter is persuasively integrated into Roper's daily routine. It's a tailor-made role, balancing action highlights and the usual bit of lip. Unfortunately, there's little to be done with Randy Feldman's by-the-book plotting. Rapaport's SWAT team rookie proves his mettle as the main man's new partner; Wincott's ruthless jewel thief supplies the villainy; and Ejogo is the hero's vaguely feisty girlfriend-in-peril.

By: TJ


Release details

117 mins

Cast and crew

Thomas Carter
Randy Feldman
Eddie Murphy
Michael Rapaport
Kim Miyori
Michael Wincott
Carmen Ejogo
Art Evans
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