Film, Drama

Time Out says

'This is the way it was,' drones the introduction to this massively extravagant account of America's WWII naval victory, a sure indication of the film's probable untrustworthiness. 'Dad, I've fallen in love with a Japanese girl. I need your help' - 'Six months after Pearl Harbor! You have one lousy sense of timing!' Saddled with such crass dialogue, the 'human' interest and the array of stars make predictably little impact against all the weaponry wheeled out to recreate the Pacific battle. Small wonder that Fonda wanders through the film looking as though he's holding a royal flush to Mifune's pair of twos. The rest is noisy, incomprehensible and lumberingly irrelevant, complete with shell-schlock Sensurround.


Release details

132 mins

Cast and crew

Jack Smight
Donald S Sanford
Charlton Heston
Henry Fonda
James Coburn
Glenn Ford
Hal Holbrook
Toshiro Mifune
Robert Mitchum
Cliff Robertson
Robert Wagner
Robert Webber
Ed Nelson
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