Mind the Gap


Time Out says

The lives of five heartbroken strangers—a free spirit from North Carolina, a Tucson accountant, a single father in Vermont, a Manhattanite widower and an Astoria-based singer-songwriter—intersect in writer, director and actor Schaeffer's formulaic but surprisingly affecting drama. To say that this is Schaeffer's most generous film verges on damnation by faint praise; smug self-centeredness is his calling card, and the story arc he gives himself is undone by his smarty-pants repartee and an insufferable child actor. King's grumpy-old-man shtick is gratingly clichéd, and the film is too long, but Schaeffer has crafted some complex roles for the rest of his ensemble cast.

By: MD


Release details

134 mins

Cast and crew

Eric Schaeffer
Alan King
Elizabeth Reaser
Christopher Kovaleski
Charles Parnell
Eric Schaeffer
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