Mister Quilp

Film, Drama

Time Out says

'I may be simple-hearted but I think the world is grand' trills winsome Little Nell in the opening minutes of this musical version of The Old Curiosity Shop sponsored by Reader's Digest. Well, the film is terrible: two solid hours of excruciating overacting from Newley as the vile and dwarfish Quilp, phony sets and costumes which look as though they've only just been removed from the wrapping-paper, botched songs (by Newley) and choreography, lackadaisical direction, and lots of good character actors going to waste.

By: GB


Release details

119 mins

Cast and crew

Michael Tuchner
Louis Kamp, Irene Kamp
Anthony Newley
David Hemmings
David Warner
Michael Hordern
Paul Rogers
Jill Bennett
Sarah-Jane Varley
Mona Washbourne
Philip Davis
Bryan Pringle
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