Modesty Blaise

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Coolly received by comparison with the more immediately accessible James Bond films which were then at the height of their popularity, Modesty Blaise is, like Rolls-Royces, built to last. Modelled on the cartoon strip, it plays the game up to the hilt with its op-art sets, its extravagant conceits, its outlandish violence, and its arch-fiend Gabriel (Bogarde having a ball in silvery wig and sinister glasses) daintily dreaming up ever more monstrous fancies. But under the non-stop stream of jokes lies a bitter edge of malice, directed not only against the genre itself but against a society which trusts its politicians and its generals.

By: TM


Release details

119 mins

Cast and crew

Joseph Losey
Evan Jones
Monica Vitti
Dirk Bogarde
Terence Stamp
Harry Andrews
Michael Craig
Scilla Gabel
Clive Revill
Rossella Falk
Joe Melia
Alexander Knox
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