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One of the more curious upshots of the century's profusion of music technology has been how ideas and innovations once the preserve of avant gardists have found their way into every corner of dance music over the last two decades. Then again, as this documentary tracing the evolution of 'electronic' music makes abundantly clear, the crosscurrents and subcurrents of influence between musique concrète, elektronische musik, jazz fusion, ambient, techno, HipHop, house, jungle - the list goes on - are manifold and fascinating. Rightly rejecting a chronological approach, the film initially seems a little vague, but it soon becomes clear that Iara Lee has found a visual analogue for the music's collaging techniques. Her montage cuts back and forth across cities, decades, genres and performers - from Teo Macero, Giorgio Moroder, Kraftwerk and Africa Bambaataa to Future Sound of London and Prodigy, almost everyone's here, making it a must for anyone who loves any of this music.

By: NB


Release details

75 mins

Cast and crew

Iara Lee
Peter Shapiro
Arthur Baker
Afrika Bambaataa
Carl Cox
Derrick May
Robert Moog
Genesis P-Orridge
DJ Spooky
Karl-Heinz Stockhausen
Danny Tenaglia
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