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Time Out says

Gable's performance in Red Dust alongside Jean Harlow had been one of his earliest hits; 21 years later he was still big enough at the box-office to star in this remake, re-scripted by original screenwriter John Lee Mahin, and re-sited from a studio-set Saigon to African locations. The insolent sex talk of the original is here toned down, and the relaxed rumbustiousness of the safari love triangle is wholly in keeping with Ford's holidaying inclinations at the time. Half-hearted, half-baked, and at least half-watchable.


Release details

116 mins

Cast and crew

John Ford
John Lee Mahin
Grace Kelly
Clark Gable
Philip Stainton
Eric Pohlmann
Laurence Naismith
Denis O'Dea
Donald Sinden
Ava Gardner
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