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Time Out says

One of only a handful of films that deal with New England's Mohawk Indians, this duff B Western re-uses battle and background footage from John Ford's Drums Along the Mohawk, and might have done well to borrow more, because the rest is quite ludicrous. Brady plays an artist whose charm captivates women as diverse as his fiancée Lori Nelson, barmaid Allison Hayes (the original 50-foot woman), and Native American Rita Gam. In between dalliances, he is instrumental in averting a wicked landowner's plot to provoke Indians and settlers into wiping each other out.

By: TCh


Release details

79 mins

Cast and crew

Kurt Neumann
Maurice Geraghty, Milton Krims
Scott Brady
Rita Gam
Neville Brand
Lori Nelson
Allison Hayes
John Hoyt
Vera Vague
Mae Clarke
Ted de Corsia
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