Mommie Dearest


Time Out says

Good intentions to redress the balance of Christina Crawford's vengeful mother-fucker of a bestseller bio are in evidence aplenty; but how else than as camp can you take Faye Dunaway's waxwork Joan Crawford screeching for an axe, or throwing a scenery-chewing fit over her daughter's use of wire coathangers in the wardrobe? Perry doesn't help, with his credit sequence tease withholding our first glimpse of the stellar visage, and his determination to pose 'Joan' in geometrical symmetry with the lines of her spotless deco domestic mausoleum. Really no dafter, perhaps, than some of Joanie's own Warner Bros melodramas; the trouble is, it thinks it's Art.

By: PT


Release details

129 mins

Cast and crew

Frank Perry
Frank Perry, Robert Getchell, Tracy Hotchner, Frank Yablans
Howard da Silva
Steve Forrest
Faye Dunaway
Michael Edwards
Diana Scarwid
Jocelyn Brando
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