Monkey Business

Film, Comedy
Monkey Business

Time Out says

The four Marx Brothers as stowaways trying to bull their way through immigration by pretending to be Maurice Chevalier (each hopefully doing an impersonation to prove it), then crashing a Long Island society party to sow havoc. With Monkey Business, their first screen original, the team cast caution to the winds, helped by a perky script ('Tell me, has your grandfather's beard got any money?' - 'Money? Why it fell hair to a fortune') and some lunatic sight gags. Thelma Todd provides Groucho with his most delectable and intelligent foil.

By: GB


Release details

77 mins

Cast and crew

Norman Z McLeod
Will B Johnstone, SJ Perelman
Thelma Todd
Ruth Hall
Harry Woods
Tom Kennedy
Evelyn Pierce
The Marx Brothers
Rockcliffe Fellowes
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