Moon 44

Film, Science fiction

Time Out says

Intergalactic hijackers are zapping our planets, and the next target is Moon 44, to be exploited for mineral wealth and already used as a training ground for hi-tech 'copter pilots. The mining corporation sends up investigator Felix Stone (Paré), who's deep undercover, pretending to be a fighter pilot while hunting a saboteur. The plot contains one potentially intriguing idea: the musclebound pilots, most of whom are criminals, are hamstrung without their navigators, weakling teen geniuses to a boy. The boys are beaten up and sexually abused by the pilots, who then wonder why they keep getting directed into cliff faces. A silly subplot concerns library books; and our worst fears are realised when McDowell bumbles into view as Major Lee, enigmatic station commander. The film looks nice but unoriginal (blue light, dry ice, flashing instrument panels); the model work is okay but laboured; the acting is stunningly mediocre.

By: SFe


Release details

99 mins

Cast and crew

Roland Emmerich
Dean Heyde, Oliver Eberle
Michael Paré
Lisa Eichhorn
Malcolm McDowell
Dean Devlin
Brian Thompson
Stephen Geoffreys
Leon Rippy
Jochen Nickel
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