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Time Out says

What begins like a concert movie and ends with the dull whimper of a moralising fairytale for TV kids is, startlingly enough, a long and expensive pop video. The fact that it is a cut-and-paste job, interpolating chunks of Jackson history in with a sequence of rather feeble cartoon dominated 'episodes', lends the whole adventure the distinctly un-cinematic ambience of a fanzine, which is great for the fans. Mum and Dad and baby sibling, however, will be alarmed and bored by the spectacle - the former alarmed by the vast displacement of cash on so witless a project, and bored because it's boring, the latter frustrated because a human version of My Little Pony is not as entertaining as the real thing. Altogether a ghastly experience, which even the rabid 11-year-old in your life might well find patronising and unimaginative.


Release details

93 mins

Cast and crew

Colin Chilvers, Jerry Kramer
David Newman
Michael Jackson
Joe Pesci
Sean Lennon
Kellie Parker
Brandon Adams
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