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Time Out says

Richard Dreyfuss' price proved too high, otherwise the whole gang returns for a sequel which builds its highly episodic narrative around a last reunion at a New Year's Eve drag race in 1964, used as an anchor from which to flash forward through the '60s; but the film's problems arise less from the confusing time structure than from the misguided determination to preserve the tone of the original at all costs. In the world of Vietnam, drugs and revolution, what was genuine innocence becomes glib farce, and Norton's refusal to register the darkening of the kids' world quickly makes that world itself less real.

By: DP


Release details

111 mins

Cast and crew

BWL Norton
BWL Norton
Candy Clark
Bo Hopkins
Ron Howard
Paul Le Mat
Mackenzie Phillips
Charles Martin Smith
Cindy Williams
Anna Bjorn
Richard Bradford
Scott Glenn
Mary Kay Place
Rosanna Arquette
Delroy Lindo
Harrison Ford
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