Mostly Martha


Time Out says

Slickly stylish if somewhat stale tale of a control-freak restaurant chef forced to reassess her life first when she's lumbered with the young son of her sister (who died in an accident), then again when an irrepressibly undisciplined Italian (aren't they all?) is appointed as her assistant. The stereotyping and predictability extend to the 'what this neurotic Northern bitch needs is a kid and a Southern stud' story structure, but Martina Gedeck's performance and discreet charm manage somehow to make it reasonably watchable.

By: GA


Release details

107 mins

Cast and crew

Sandra Nettelbeck
Sandra Nettelbeck
Ulrich Thomsen
Sybille Canonica
August Zirner
Katja Studt
Sergio Castellitto
Martina Gedeck
Antonio Wanneck
Oliver Broumis
Idil Üner
Maxime Förste
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