Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Pryor, in his unfunniest role to date, has just lost his long-standing engineering job, but has the good fortune to be offered the career opportunity of a lifetime. Less fortunately for his family, who like it where they are, it involves a 2,000 mile trek to relocate in Boise, Idaho. Still, anywhere to escape the wrath of neighbour Quaid, a manic slob who takes great pride in his postage-stamp lawn, trimming it - and everyone else - with a souped-up industrial lawn-mower. The egg hits the fan when the removal men finally turn up and proceed to demolish the family's possessions, and when Pryor discovers that the delivery driver of his shiny new Saab is a schizo. A couple of funny moments, and that's it.

By: DA


Release details

89 mins

Cast and crew

Alan Metter
Andy Breckman
Richard Pryor
Beverly Todd
Randy Quaid
Dave Thomas
Dana Carvey
Rodney Dangerfield
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