Mr Billion

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Chase comedy without the glamour of Silver Streak but with much pleasant and well-handled action. Italian garage mechanic (spaghetti Western star Hill in his American debut) inherits billion dollars from financier uncle in California; company hires Perrine to seduce him into handing over power of attorney; she falls for him instead, so the pair must be ambushed, shot at, handcuffed together etc, to prevent Hill claiming inheritance by specified date. He escapes, and naturally tangles with a whole crowd of eccentrics on his way across America. Like other Corman colts, Kaplan opts for a '30s approach, whose soft-centre no amount of flashy cutting can hide; but there is a nice tongue-in-cheek air ('Perverts are people too'), and a lot of Hollywood clichés are delivered fresh and with relish.

By: AN


Release details

93 mins

Cast and crew

Jonathan Kaplan
Ken Friedman, Jonathan Kaplan
Terence Hill
Valerie Perrine
Jackie Gleason
Slim Pickens
William Redfield
Chill Wills
Dick Miller
RG Armstrong
Kate Heflin
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