Mr Love


Time Out says

Set in crumbling Southport-on-Sea, where one Donald Lovelace (Jackson), a mild-mannered, fiftyish landscape gardener sows his wild oats among the town's lonely womenfolk in a last-ditch quest for romance and nooky. Both of which he reaps with astounding ease from a range of eccentric Lancastrian matrons, though poor Donald Juan ends up getting dumped on by all the ladies in his life from Queen Victoria downwards. An unashamedly old-fashioned little film with a dash of nostalgia and a touch of Ealing comic whimsy.

By: SJo


Release details

91 mins

Cast and crew

Roy Battersby
Kenneth Eastaugh
Barry Jackson
Maurice Denham
Margaret Tyzack
Linda Marlowe
Christina Collier
Helen Cotterill
Julia Deakin
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