Mr Skeffington


Time Out says

Take a large stock of hankies with you: this monumental soaper drips interminably on. It's a simple tale of a vain society gal (Davis, who else?) who secures a financially wonderful but loveless marriage to a Jewish stockbroker (Rains). After a stay in a concentration camp, he goes blind; then she catches diphtheria, and realises that he loves her after all, and... oh well, for the rest you can use your imagination, which is more than writers Julius and Philip Epstein (ex-Casablanca) did. Vincent Sherman cradles this arrant tosh with the tenderest of loving camera movements, and almost smothers it to death in the process.

By: GB


Release details

146 mins

Cast and crew

Vincent Sherman
Philip G Epstein, Julius J Epstein
Bette Davis
Claude Rains
Walter Abel
Richard Waring
George Coulouris
Jerome Cowan
Charles Drake
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