Mrs Soffel


Time Out says

Mrs Soffel (Keaton), a good woman but victim of a cool marriage to the warden of Allegheny County jail in turn-of-the-century Pittsburgh, spends her days dispensing Christian comfort to the inmates: during the first hour there is more praying than regular dialogue. The answer to the lady's prayers turns up in Mel Gibson, a condemned murderer; they go on the run together, but without much success. It's a handsomely mounted period piece, but can't shake off a certain air of good manners; like the lady herself, stifled by law, custom and breeding, and unable to let rip on a bid for freedom. CPea.

By: CPea


Release details

111 mins

Cast and crew

Gillian Armstrong
Ron Nyswaner
Diane Keaton
Mel Gibson
Matthew Modine
Edward Herrmann
Trini Alvarado
Jennie Dundas
Danny Corkill
Harley Cross
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