Time Out says

Set amid the salt flats and mud holes of the Greek/ Turkish Cypriot divide, this strange, brooding border lament is caked with metaphors of muck and muddle - not to mention bad blood, buried skeletons, submerged statues, fertility icons, sperm-bank art projects and IVF pregnancies. The central character is Ali, a Turkish soldier rendered mute by the memories of '74, who spends his hours on border-post duty clambering down a well to dig for buried treasure. It's muddy as drama, too - 30 years on, Ali and his 40-something friends are still fumbling for self-expression. But the film has a stylistic poise that bolsters its curiosity value. Scenes are often elliptical, always succinct, with some lovely location photography of fences, deserts and the horizon.


Release details

93 mins

Cast and crew

Dervis Zaim
Dervis Zaim
Mustafa Ugurlu
Yelda Reynaud
Bulent Emin Yarar
Taner Birsel
Tomris Inceer
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