Time Out says

Slime-covered corpses litter the streets of Goodland; a dumping ground for toxic waste is soon implicated. Mutant lives comfortably within its slender indie means, using its budget with Lewton-like economy, building suspense with deep shadow and fidgety lighting. But it also incorporates every redneck cliché in the Stereotype Directory, with no attempt to subvert a single one. There are nice touches of humour - when, for instance, a teenager discovers that, yes, there really is something unpleasant lurking under the bed. The hard-drinking sheriff (Hopkins) straightens up and saves the day, though the script shirks the scene where he has to convince the state police that his town is overrun by vampiric zombies oozing toxic liquids.

By: DO


Release details

99 mins

Cast and crew

John 'Bud' Cardos
Peter Z Orton, Michael Jones, John C Kruize
Wings Hauser
Bo Hopkins
Jody Medford
Lee Montgomery
Marc Clement
Cary Guffey
Jennifer Warren
Danny Nelson
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