My Angel

Film, Drama

Time Out says

Two troubled souls are thrown together on the run in this likeable directorial debut from French writer Serge Frydman (‘La Fille sur le Pont’). Colette (Vanessa Paradis) answers a panicked call from a fellow prostitute and grudgingly agrees to collect the woman’s son Billy (Vincent Rottiers) from a psychiatric institution before a violent pimp can get to him. Colette’s attempts to ditch the eccentric teenager are thwarted by her instincts and the two develop a touching co-dependence amid the action. The story’s nothing new: the themes and poetic dialogue are particularly reminiscent of Tom Tykwer’s work (‘Heaven’, ‘The Princess and the Warrior’, ‘Run Lola Run’). But Paradis commands a strong presence. While the cinematography creates a feeling of physical intimacy, this doesn’t fully expose the mentality of its characters, allowing for some surprises in an ending that’s touching despite a misjudged soundtrack.

By: Anna Smith



Release details

Release date:
Friday September 15 2006
94 mins

Cast and crew

Serge Frydman
Vanessa Paradis
Vincent Rottiers
Eduardo Noriega
Eric Ruf
Claude Perron
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