My Dearest Enemy

Film, Documentaries

Time Out says

Not, agreed, one of Herzog's most distinctive, original or audacious documentaries, but given the crazed nature of his subject - former frequent collaborator Klaus Kinski - it's still a hugely entertaining foray into personal reminiscence and movie archaeology. Scattered among the interviews and Herzog's own deadpan stories of his altercations with the late actor (which, of course, confirm suspicions that the director himself is hardly the most conventional fellow on earth) is some marvellous behind-the-scenes archive footage. But it's also a fascinating document on the genesis of some extraordinary movies, with pristine clips reminding one of Herzog's own glorious past as a creator of visionary fictions.

By: GA


Release details

95 mins

Cast and crew

Werner Herzog
Klaus Kinski
Werner Herzog
Claudia Cardinale
Eva Mattes
Beat Presser
Guillermo Rios
Andrés Vicente
Justo Gonzales
Benino Moreno Plácido
Baron v.d. Recke
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