My Dinner with André


Time Out says

Bring two New York intellectuals together and they'll beat each other's ears off swapping stories about their psychoanalysts. Here Malle celebrates just such an encounter, recreated by the original participants: a sad, never-quite-made-it playwright (Shawn) and a brilliantly successful director (Gregory) who dropped out to 'find himself' in a quest ranging from Grotowski in Poland to Tibet, the Sahara and remoter Scotland. Just two people talking, shot mostly in close-up. But hammering against the wall of Shawn's pragmatism, sometimes pulled up short in awareness of its own absurdity, Gregory's account of his spiritual odyssey becomes a magical mystery tour of thoughts, dreams, fantasies and emotions. Riveting, exhilarating stuff.

By: TM


Release details

111 mins

Cast and crew

Louis Malle
Wallace Shawn, André Gregory
Wallace Shawn
André Gregory
Jean Lenauer
Roy Butler
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