My Father Is Coming

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Treut - a German director whose sex-pol essays like Virgin Machine and Seduction: the Cruel Woman have earned plenty of controversy and cult acclaim - here spins a tale of sexual awakening, presided over with ecstasy-aunt jollity by 'post-porn sex goddess' Sprinkle. Vicki (Kästner) is a sexually confused actress holding down a waitress job, and trying to persuade her visiting Bavarian papa (the marvellously shambling Edel) that she's happily married, although her 'husband' is fully occupied with vogueing Latin boys. Happily, La Sprinkle is on hand to distract papa with tender mercies and household appliances while Vicki makes her mark as a nightclub diva. A low-rent, loosely structured lesbian coming-out story that entertains a range of sexual orientations, Treut's film enshrines an engaging worldview - SoHo chic seen from a sort of polysexual Teutonic 'Carry On' perspective.

By: JRo


Release details

81 mins

Cast and crew

Monika Treut
Monika Treut, Bruce Benderson
Alfred Edel
Shelley Kästner
Annie Sprinkle
Mary Lou Graulau
David Bronstein
Michael Massee
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