My Favorite Martian

Film, Science fiction

Time Out says

Dire Disney effort, with competent sfx, inspired by the '60s TV series. Lloyd is Martin the Martian who crash-lands his spaceship, just as Daniels' struggling TV reporter, Tim O'Hara, is driving by. Tim befriends the gregarious, shape-changing alien, even as he begins to hatch a plan to expose his remarkable find on TV. Trouble is, wacky Martin (unknowingly) always seems to be one step ahead. Matters take a steeper nose dive with the introduction of Hannah as Tim's nutty neighbour, Hurley as his neurotic colleague, and a spacesuit that walks and cracks inane jokes.

By: DA


Release details

94 mins

Cast and crew

Donald Petrie
Deanna Oliver, Sherri Stoner
Jeff Daniels
Daryl Hannah
Christine Ebersole
Wallace Shawn
Michael Lerner
Ray Walston
Christopher Lloyd
Elizabeth Hurley
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