My Forbidden Past


Time Out says

A Hughes RKO production dismissed as soapy claptrap by most critics, this steamy tale, set in 1890s New Orleans, of Ava Gardner's desperate plans to lure Mitchum away from his wife when she inherits a fortune, is terribly underrated. Nonsense it may be, and Mitchum's low key style is certainly at odds with the overheated emotionalism of the plot. But it is extremely entertaining, largely thanks to a marvellously cynical script (from Polan Banks' novel Carriage Entrance) which insists from start to finish on the basic selfishness of human interaction. Nasty fun.


Release details

70 mins

Cast and crew

Robert Stevenson
Marion Parsonnet
Robert Mitchum
Ava Gardner
Melvyn Douglas
Janis Carter
Lucile Watson
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