My Giant


Time Out says

Sammy (Crystal) is a regular Hollywood second-rater, separated from his wife (Quinlan) and son (Carney), and now reduced to scouting out his last promising client on a set in deepest Romania. Sacked on arrival, he subsequently crashes his car and is saved by a 7 foot 7 inch gentle giant called Max (basketball player Muresan). A reclusive literature buff, Max is still pining for the childhood sweetheart who left for America and hasn't replied to his letters these past 22 years; Sammy thus hatches a plan to escort Max back home, put him in the movies, reunite him with the old girl and prove his own true worth to the family happily ever after. This indolent family fare clasps old clichés (following your dreams, the guileless misfit, trust in family) to its breast like raggedy teddy-bears.

By: NB


Release details

103 mins

Cast and crew

Michael Lehmann
David Seltzer
Billy Crystal
Kathleen Quinlan
Gheorghe Muresan
Joanna Pacula
Zane Carney
Jere Burns
Harold Gould
Lorna Luft
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