My Life


Time Out says

Bob and Gail Jones (Keaton and Kidman) are expecting their first child. Bob, though, has cancer and may not live to see the baby, so he starts to make a video journal about his life - thus embarking on a journey of self-discovery into the density of the human heart and the expansiveness of the human soul. The only thing dense and expansive, however, is the sentimentality. Ironically, we don't know much more about Bob after he's discovered himself than we knew before. He's angry and ashamed of his family, and angry and ashamed of himself because of it. Indeed, rather than examine Bob's life in any depth, the film chooses in the end to become the celebration of a baby.


Release details

117 mins

Cast and crew

Bruce Joel Rubin
Bruce Joel Rubin
Michael Keaton
Nicole Kidman
Bradley Whitford
Queen Latifah
Michael Constantine
Haing S Ngor
Rebecca Schull
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