My Little Girl


Time Out says

Sixteen-year-old Franny (Masterson) is a poor little rich girl who spends some of her time as a volunteer helper at a centre for children in care. She befriends a pair of black sisters, but when one is transferred to a more secure institution, she become involved in helping her to escape. Connie Kaiserman's sententious debut aims to show the plight of criminal brats and circumstantial orphans and to reveal the dangers of do-gooding; as a director, unfortunately, she shares her central character's naivety and lack of judgment. The final half-hour is taken up with a wholly unnecessary and wholly awful talent night given by the centre's inmates. Still, the performances are good.

By: MS


Release details

117 mins

Cast and crew

Connie Kaiserman
Connie Kaiserman, Nan Mason
James Earl Jones
Geraldine Page
Mary Stuart Masterson
Anne Meara
Pamela Payton Wright
Peter Michael Goetz
Peter Gallagher
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