My Mother in Law Is a Zombie


Time Out says

A white witch wants revenge on her sister, who seduced her prick of a husband to satisfy the Prince of Darkness. That's the nub of this whacky version of a comic strip by Germán Favier, who plays the husband. It's a fast moving melange of jump cuts, cartoon graphics, pneumatic tits (courtesy of model Mónica Ayos, who also sings), with some cod psychology thrown in for good measure. Something of an homage to Russ Meyer and the B-movie canon, this Argentinian stew has plenty of action, a fluffy storyline and every visual trick in the book. Top marks to the female leads for getting through the whole farrago straightfaced.

By: JFu


Release details

84 mins

Cast and crew

Ernesto Aguilar
Pablo Madoery, Milos Twilight, Ricardo Ottone, Jorge Dyszel
Audry Gutierrez Alea
Mónica Ayos
Germán Favier
Edda Díaz
Carlos Lanari
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