My Mother's Smile


Time Out says

'The Time of Religion' is perhaps a more fitting title for this weird and often rather wonderful mix of Lynchian surrealist suspense, anti-clerical satire, mid-life crisis drama and philosophical musing. Castellitto's the artist separated from his wife, trying to wean his young son away from religious instruction, and at odds with those in his family who are thrilled that his late mother is being considered for canonisation. At times it's hard to grasp precisely what's happening or why, but that only adds to the sense of unease.


Release details

102 mins

Cast and crew

Marco Bellocchio
Marco Bellocchio
Sergio Castellitto
Jacqueline Lustig
Chiara Conti
Gigio Alberti
Maurizio Donadoni
Piera Degli Esposito
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