My Name Is Nobody

Film, Action and adventure

Time Out says

Produced by Sergio Leone and very much bearing his stamp, a Western which takes as its theme the alchemy whereby life is turned into legend. The year is 1899, and feared but fading gunfighter Jack Beauregard (Fonda) lives for the day he can lay down his deposit on a steamer berth to Europe. Instead he meets his angel of death, a young gunfighter calling himself Nobody who, in turn, lives for the legend of Beauregard and an obsessive vision of the ultimate confrontation: between Beauregard, alone on an immense plain, and the 150 men of the Wild Bunch. With superbly handled action sequences, excellent cinematography, and a Morricone score worthy of his Man With No Name efforts, it's a film to be seen.

By: VG


Release details

130 mins

Cast and crew

Tonino Valerii
Ernesto Gastaldi
Henry Fonda
Terence Hill
Jean Martin
Piero Lulli
Leo Gordon
RG Armstrong
Remus Peets
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