My Roast Chicken


Time Out says

Made for Poland's 'Generation 2000' TV slot, this disappointing drama follows the return of a young couple and their lively six-year-old boy from Canada to the mother-in-law's house in Lodz. The film captures the strains on their marriage in the confines of the house and the pressures of kick starting new jobs and a new life in depressed Lodz. The husband takes over a roast chicken business in Liberty Square; the wife enrols in a documentary film-making class - to compensate, she says, for her lack of communication skills. The ensuing marital crisis, however, is all too swiftly and unsatisfactorily resolved, the mechanics of compromise left opaque.


Release details

63 mins

Cast and crew

Iwona Siekierzynska
Iwona Siekierzynska
Agata Kulesza
Adam Nawojczky
Maria Maj
Antek Barszczak
Ewa Beata Wisniewska
Andrzej Konopka
Józef Robakowski
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