My Silly Mother

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

When the cynical programmers of a TV company are sent to the small town of Palencia, they take revenge on their employers and their new audience by promoting a naive, dumb cleaning lady to presenter. The story is related by her young son, himself already bullied at school and ashamed of his parents. An odd, and oddly dislikeable movie, which aims for black, cruelly amoral comedy but is actually deeply sentimental and moralistic, not to say implausible, patronising and predictable. Occasional hints that it may all be an allegory on God's cruelty don't help.

By: GA


Release details

92 mins

Cast and crew

Santiago Lorenzo
Santiago Lorenzo
Faustina Camacho
José Luis Lago
Adrián Gil
Eduardo Atuña
Cristina Marcos
Ginés Garcia Millán
Carolina Garrigues
Mercedes Navarro
Juan Carlos García
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