My Sweet Little Village


Time Out says

In the village in question, a cooperatively-run community, live Pavek - who is short and fat - and his workmate Otik, who is long and thin. Because Otik's teeth outnumber his IQ, he is more hindrance than help, so when he directs the long-suffering Pavek's truck into a gatepost, their fraught friendship is threatened. As if this weren't catastrophic enough, a party bureaucrat sets his heart on Otik's cottage, and arranges for him to be rehoused in a high-rise honeycomb in Prague. Menzel directs a good-natured comedy in which pleasure is derived from such innocent pursuits as consuming beer and bangers in the sun, riding through the unremarkable countryside, and watching the desperate home-produced TV. The optimism, if indulgent, is infectious, and the Laurel and Hardski relationship is ultimately moving.


Release details

100 mins

Cast and crew

Jirí Menzel
Zdenk Sverák
János Bán
Marián Labuda
Rudolf Hrusinsky
Petr Cepek
Milena Dvorská
Jan Hartl
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