My Town


Time Out says

Young writer/director Lechki's highly impressive humanist portrait of desultory Silesia shows a precocious mastery of tone and characterisation. Elegantly directed and expressively rendered in desaturated colour, it follows the life of an unemployed yet well-disposed 20-year-old surrounded by the phlegmatically rooted inhabitants of his no-hope mining suburb, including his secretive alcoholic father, his old-car obsessed best friend and an attractive, abandoned newcomer. Essential to the success is the beauty of the performance the director coaxes from Chrzescianski as the boy and the way he manages to cast a fresh eye on what is a staple miserabilist scenario. (Made for Poland's 'Generation 2000' TV slot.

By: WH


Release details

60 mins

Cast and crew

Marek Lechki
Marek Lechki
Radoslaw Chrzescianski
Agnieszka Banach
Krzysztof Stroinski
Dorota Pomykala
Andrzej Mastalerz
Krystyna Tkacz
Liliana Krupska
Stanislaw Brudny
Jerzy Lapinski
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